The touchpad responds well, but the four way scroller is not really accessible. It will go in but you will be lucky to get it out again! Hopefully this will be resolved when I receive the replacement module. The unit arrived in the time they claimed free 48hr delivery , and it worked from the box. However, to avoid it you can undervolt the processor with RMClock.

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55562 is also about a 4GB recovery partition, which can be booted at startup to recover the system. In this area it excels having only a few problems mainly heat! Each cell has a positive terminal, or cathode, and a negative terminal, or anode. The touchpad responds well, but the four way scroller is not really accessible. Unfortunately the 90W power adaptor is not the lightest, so the weight is a little more most times.

The webcam is positioned nicely out of the way and the ability aceer rotate it by o is quite useful.

The hard disk is SATA, which does not mean it is that fast, but it does mean you can connect it directly to a desktop computer, which could be useful. Accessing it is difficult and I find myself scrolling with the side areas of the touchpad rather than this feature. As for the fans, they are not too loud. Visit our network of sites: At higher volumes they are a little tinny, but I prefer my laptop to be silent anyhow!


Acer Aspire 5562WXMi Review (pics, specs) Image Gallery Page 10

Also, to reduce the GPU clock with Powerstrip really helps the heat situation. Although this is quite high, the system is completely stable at this temperature I have tested for 2 hours with 2 simultaneous instances of Prime The Magnesium Alloy around the screen is certainly strong and feels sturdy.

It is the movement of those ions within the battery which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work. The Acer WXMi was an ideal compromise.

Acer ASPIRE WXMI laptops specifications

The amount of storage on a hard disk, measured in gigabytes and terabytes. Front view view large image.

The rest of the machine appears to be plastic but quite solid. The slot-load DVD drive is also a nice touch, which is quite practical, however, the inability to use mini-disks is a limitation and I have no idea how you would remove a disk if it got stuck.


The unit arrived in the time they claimed free 48hr deliveryand it worked from the box. This can be classified as a thin and light notebook with a scer Left side view view large image. There is also an S-Video out on the right hand side but I have not yet tried it. The weight is a really nice 2. Right side caer view large image. Acer Arcade is not really that great but is functional.

You remember it aver there when you carry it, but it is not really an effort. This gives the best of both worlds.

Acer Aspire WXMi Review (pics, specs) Image Gallery Page 10

Top view view large image. With wireless on it is about 2hrs 45mins. I have tried it with xD and Memory Stick Pro acwr both work well.

I find the Application programs usually require an operating system to function. 562 view view large image. Under side view view large image.