This shuts down all DSP, Audyssey processing, and subwoofer output. Who wants loudspeakers to be Glitzy? Harbeth should make such an add-on low frequency unit to go with their P3ESR speakers, but that will never happen because Alan Shaw despises transmission line type loading. It instead balances a compromise between these interrelated parameters. It’s a stand-mounted minimonitor 13″ high by

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Just as the manual suggests, I found the best balance of imaging and sound-staging with the towers slightly toed-in, intersecting at a point roughly three feet behind my head. May be Stereophile could review Legacy flag-ship Valor? This is a darn nice Company with darn nice products.

These would be great for wood or other smooth floors but proved to be very unstable on my thick carpet.

Antec Solo II: The Legacy Lives On |

Apple HomePod smart speaker. Tony in Michigan ps. When he spotted the glossy black Legacys, he laughed.

I stand or shelf-mount corrected JA, in your measurements you state: I wound up playing most of this disc before moving on as I simply enjoyed it so much. I would also like to see Legacy change the foot design to address the aduio of the speaker. These speakers can really take a pounding. Herb, go for it! What exactly is your religion?


Antec P8 Case Review

Like its predecessor, the Solo II comes with few accessories. I think I spend more money going to listen to gear than I have actually spent on my gear! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Cases Damping Viewing page 1 of 8 pages.

Submitted by Lawrence Lee on Thu, The former might help when listening in the nearfield, the latter when placing the Studio HDs near room boundaries. I’ve heard some of the Legacy Loudspeakers Submitted by tonykaz on September 30, – According to the owner’s manual, when both toggles are up, the speaker is set to “anechoic flat. The Studio HDs played music with a supple dynamic quality. This gave me the smoothest overall bass response, with only my typical in-room trough centered around Hz and slight peaks around 60Hz and Hz all a result of my seating position.

Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Who wants loudspeakers to be Glitzy?

Legacy Audio Studio HD loudspeaker |

Recording of August Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on September 28, – 7: Jay-Jay could not stop auxio. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. The blue line is with the bass switch in the up position and the treble trim down -2dB. Flipping the upper switch to the down position will reduce the treble by 2dB around the 10kHz mark. With the Pass Laboratories XA25 When suddenly I find myself listening to recordings but not staring at a pair of dome tweeters, I realize, in their absence, just how much dome tweeters sound like dome tweeters.


This shuts down all DSP, Audyssey processing, and subwoofer output. The black fabric grilles attach with the normal mounting posts, which means that you will see some small holes if you run the speakers legacg.

I wish more manufactures offered this option. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on September 28, – 8: