What is the material for the altitude bearing cylinders? This is because the field of view becomes narrower. The Dobsonian mount is not an equatorial type mount, so it cannot be motor driven for long exposure astrophotography. Included are a scriptable positional astronomy engine based on the USNO NOVAS Vector Astrometry package, an orbit engine that can generate ephemerides from orbital elements, and a scriptable deep sky catalog server with over 70, object names listed. If the image you see is not crisp and steady, reduce the magnification by switching to a longer focal length telescope eyepiece. Now tighten the three small alignment screws equally to secure the secondary mirror in that position. In metric units, this is:

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This version corrects the installer so it can be installed on Platform 5 and 6 and later. When an item is not in-stock we will ship it as soon as it becomes available. Their level of interest in the hobby, their aptitude for “the technical”, the level of investment that you want to make, and intelliscooe ability to carry differing weights.

This is because the field of view becomes narrower.

Red light will not spoil your dark-adapted night vision as readily as white asclm will. The best time to observe the Moon is during a partial phase, that is, when the Moon is not full.

Keep in mind that at higher powers, an image will always be dimmer and less sharp this is a fundamental law of optics. The steel optical tube of the Orion SkyQuest XT10i IntelliScope, finished in an attractive deep bronze metallic enamel, is equipped with a 2″ cast aluminum Crayford-style focuser for smooth, backlash-free intrlliscope adjustments.


ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver – Various Software Informer.

How do I get started with astronomical viewing? Highest useful magnification Highest useful magnification. It is not possible to correct the image orientation in a reflector telescope.

This is part of the base design. When choosing a location for nighttime stargazing, make it as far away from city lights as possible.

Using a 2mm Allen wrench, loosen the three small alignment set screws in the center hub of the 4-vaned spider several turns. Make sure the box marked “Clock Driven” is unchecked. You can use the handheld IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator to choose from dozens of additional menu options, including tours of the best deep-sky gems each month and identification of any object in the field of view.

ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver

This is called the sidereal rate. Before drying, tip the mirror to asscom 45 degree angle and pour a bottle of distilled water over the mirror.

So the larger the telescope’s intelliacope, the more it is capable of resolving. Features are limited, and end-of-slew detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution. No surface markings can be seen on Venus, which is always shrouded in dense clouds. Are IntelliScope Dobsonians suitable for astrophotography? If you cannot see Megrez, then you have fog, haze, clouds, smog, light pollution or other conditions that are hindering your viewing.


inteloiscope This helps center your eye so that collimation is easy to perform. It is desirable to have a range of telescope eyepieces of different focal lengths to allow viewing over a range of magnifications. Viewing through a glass window open or closed.

ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver

SkyQuest XT Dobsonians are designed for visual, not photographic use. It is best to have specific targets in mind before you begin looking through the eyepiece. Cassegrain telescopes routinely use spheres in addition to other lenses in the optical path to correct for residual spherical aberration. Magnitude is a measure of how bright a star is, the brighter a star is, the lower its magnitude will be. Do not rename downloaded driversthis may defeat backward compatibility features and might prevent your driver from installing.

Now look at your star chart and find the brightest star in the constellation that is near the object that you are trying to find.

Position intslliscope telescope so the target object appears in the very center of the field of view when you look into the eyepiece. This version has passed the Conformance Checker tests and has support for programmably changing pier side.

Orion warranties against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase for Orion brand products.