Now, I settle with this. Share This Page Tweet. Listening on a 2. We have sent email to use it you want. Dac2 DX TE question? Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Ive googled around, but couldnt find a definite fix for this.

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Koukam, drivery jsou uz i pro win7.


You have the same card, but your Fedora based Vortexbox and need to flash the eeprom. Jun 19, at 9: I have only one card to experiment so I am try to not do a big mistake. Listening on a 2. When using Win XP. Mar 19, 1 0 0. Change the JP4 jumper to ON. Not a real problem if the system remembers the volume level You left it.

R o x MDL Novice. We listening to every kind of music and are yet quite happy with female vocals also quite good yet with the onboard sound Envy HD Via VT You have a DOS based system on hand that you can use to flash the card following the google guide you found. Your only two options are physical speaker volume knobs, or the volume slider in the newly installed control panel. Sullivan usb converter driver windows 7. Please try to download it again.


So I feel like either the card is not super reliable he got a grade B from Ebay, but I got a pure retail card in Koreaor the mod harms its reliability or we’re damn unlucky.

Sure I am not an spammer. Discover the magic of the Internet. The settings are saved and you can even use ASIO 2. The new hardware will appear as “Prodigy HD2 controller”. How did you manage to get that jumper on JP4? You have to control the volume for line input from equipment.

With Roland’s own Asio drivers, I’m using Windows 7 64bit btw. After going through the trouble of reading a dozen forum posts on how to install the HD2 properly, i finally came here, followed above instructions, and everything went GOLDEN. Arrived in 6 days from korea to usa, pretty fast for free shipping!!

Oct 18, at If you want the coolness of the Prodigythen go buy one. I can always adjust if I want pounding bass or extreme highs maybe even both.


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The download area of our website. Tajemnica nie jest ze audiotrak puscil uzytkownikow kantem jezeli chodzi o wsparcie i sterowniki.

This driver is not compatible with Win 8. Actually my linux distro has some problem with remembering the volume I left when turned off the PC and always tuned it up to distortion level full volume with the gain mod on. Sep 18, 1 0 0.

Well, if you’re not a spammer been seeing a lot of semi off topic replies that look a LOT like spam audoitrak lateand you’re using ALSA then you’re using a version of linux and aren’t using Windows, so you can’t follow that guide which is meant for Windows users. Tried flashing the de to try and run the Prodigy 0. Post of Jun 19, at 2: