September 11, at 6: Please do not do anything more to the drive or plug it in any more. Now you case starts to open, nothing breaks, just keep it slow. But yeah, patient job, and certainly requires some experience. The only way we can answer this question is to have the drive here so we can evaluate it in a controlled environment.

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Please fill out a quote request! You might be able to sacrifice an old USB 2.

But when I checked on device manager it showed that the device is working properly but still it not showing on the laptop like it trying to load but it not opening nor is it showing how much data it has its just showing local disk d. The product itself is very well priced — and in some countries, disassembling such a drive may be the only way to get storage at the best price, while getting the best performance out of the drive.

On others, they park on a ramp. Laptop dropped, screen froze, did a cold shutdown. Please apologize for my English as well since i am 19 yo student who still learn it.

Caleb Peanut Butter Portet

Once the drive is removed from the enclosure is it essentially a standard 3. I recently took my external hard drive caleh a local data recovery company after dropping it from my desk. They are their own beast, and most recoveries also require very expensive technology made specifically for HD repair. Finally, when I arrived home, I tried to check it and suddenly I cannot open it.


My Hard Drive Dropped – Now What?

I also found out on newegg that one of the reviewer can repair or modify the bridge controller but i havent able to contact him. Every situation is different, we would have to caldb the drive in order to be able to answer that calrb. You will also not want to trust it anymore…. I like this new case because it includes a power switch so I can control when I want the drive to turn on without having to unplug the USB cable from the computer.

My external hard drive broken I have important data in that How to recover all my data from that. You are more than welcome to send it in for evaluation. Is the data important? If we have the same if you pay for the postage to you….

October 2, at 1: Since I published an article concerning the Toshiba Canvio Desk 3Tb External Hard Drivemany caldb to the site had arrived looking for instructions to disassemble the drive. February 5, at 6: Proudly powered by WordPress. August 22, at The main reason I ask is I want to know would I be able to remove this drive from the enclosure and install it either inside a normal PC, or in a NAS drive?


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This was very helpful. I used to see a lot of dead disks when I was working in IT support. January 25, at 9: February 15, at 1: February 15, at 9: Many useful info here! If your drive uses an external power supply that plugs into the wall, it is most certainly a 3. And second only a data recovery professional with a certified clean room would be able to properly and safely diagnose this case for you.

We all should listen to Caleb or myself, and not listen to Sert horror story and the first mistake blah blah blah, with all due respect.

The most natural thing to do after dropping a hard drive or laptop, is to turn it on to see if it still works.

Is it okay to keep the drive active and dump the data to another drive?