Size of this NDP16, in little-endian format. Author Tony Vink Posted Sep The datagram always starts with a byte [IEEE The function resets its EUI station address to the permanent address, as governed by events outside the scope of this command. NCM assumes that hosts are more flexible and powerful than devices.

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Alignment requirements are met by controlling the location of the payload the data following the Ethernet header in each datagram. The function shall never return more than 4 bytes in response to this command.


The function shall never return more than 2 bytes in response to this command. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data. Unless otherwise specified, any reference to [USB30] includes [USB20] nvm reference, especially when referring to full- and high-speed devices.

In response to this request, the function shall return these elements as listed inTable Functions indicate how they intend to align their transmitted datagrams to the host in the NTB Parameter Structure Table Similarly, for data transmitted from the host, functions indicate their preferred alignment requirements to the host. Although ECM is functionally complete, it does not scale well in throughput or efficiency to higher USB speeds and higher network speeds.


It is an error for a transmitter to format an NDP without a terminating Null entry.

It has the following overall structure: Shall be transmitted as zero by function and ignored by host. It will not help solve any problems you may experience with a consumer device such as a webcam, camcorder, card reader, external sound card, etc. In case 1, the function should signal remote wakeup whenever traffic is received from the network or when an indication should be passed to the host.

Notification to host to issue a GetEncapsulatedResponse request. See [USB30] for details.

The function shall never return more than 6 ncn in response to this command. The function has not yet signaled remote wakeup or received remote wakeup from the upstream hub, AND 3. Information technology — Local and metropolitan area networks — Part 3: NTBs have two formats.

USB CDC / USBnet (ECM, NCM, ACM) – 程序园

Retrieves Ethernet statistics such as frames transmitted, frames received, and bad frames received. Devices of these subclasses shall conform to: Upon resume, if the network connectivity or connection speeds have changed compared to the state when the link was suspended, the function shall send ConnectionSpeedChange and NetworkConnect notifications to inform the host of the new network connection state.

The class-specific contents of standard descriptors. A collection of one or more interfaces in a USB device, which taken together present a specific capability of the device to the host.


Required interface and endpoint structure. Regardless of the format of encapsulated commands and responses, all NCM functions shall implement the default pipes requests and notifications as specified by Table and Table The host selects the format to be used. Ncmm an NDIS 6.

Demo version and prices for Windows 7, 8, 8. The upper limit is usually determined by the buffering capacity of the attached function, but there may be other factors involved as well, such as latency. Shall be a power of 2, and shall be at least 4. Also would consider rndis support on the device side, but am not holding my breath.

The interface descriptors for alternate settings 0 and 1 shall have bInterfaceSubClass set to 0, and bInterfaceProtocol set to 01h see section cxc. A packet matching the Ethernet power management filter pattern is received from the network.

Latest version of these drivers is 2.