Alexander Wong Facebook Twitter. In fact, there is no beauty contest for Malaysia 3G broadband services at the moment. I’m having this problem too, anyone has a solution? The process to register 3G services with Celcom are straightforward but not without caveat. This site uses cookies. July 16, in News. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Celcom Home Wireless Is Now Official – Here’s What You Get –

Usually after this boue it would connect and show a particular IP address but for the past few days it has instead popped up a window that says that it “can’t negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server”. Yes, no answer Personal equipment Modem: Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. And this is the offering I get i.

I have tried restarting, re-inserting the SIM card, verified settings etc and nothing has improved. I have tried both on my Mac the comp I use and on which the modem had worked fine for the past three weeks as well as my PC and the problem persists.


Read latest posts or hide this alert. Check out the benefits here. Dec 3 Windows 7 elevate the security to block some autorun program, that the bluecube modem use.

The process to register 3G services with Celcom are straightforward but not without caveat. If those small guy marketing think they can ground some consumer with their tricks, a Google search will land you to the Malaysia popular 3G bluue forums mypdacafe.

The modem will be able to support up to 64 connected devices at a time. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In fact, there is some truth behind the issue: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Which contract you celocm to?

After checking with Celcom and verify my Identification Card number, ckbe is confirmed that my 3G subscription is enter into Celcom database. In fact, few will disagree with the following facts: Jun 14 Once your quota is depleted, your speed will be throttled to 64kbps until your next billing cycle.


Anyone has any idea??

Celcom Home Wireless

Lipstiq Wanista Varnam Moviedash Autofreaks. Support and Drivers http: Celcom also promises average transfer speeds between 30Mbps and 40Mbps for all its packages.

I’m having this problem too, anyone has a solution? Maxis can do little except to match Celcom 3G price plan. Calling the Celcom care line does little to speed up the activation, it seems Celcom has some problem about the activation process.

Also has a very unearthly love for tea. Remember to turn mpdem the UAC after installation. GLC culturestrength on infrastructure, weak on customer services, active marketing Maxis: Consumers will also get a Huawei B modem worth RM1, Celcom presents Q4 Business report – ending strongly with a total revenue of RM1.

Actually I am writing the review using this mode.