Load the color print cartridges into the carriage on the left side of the printer. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. A series of dialog boxes usually appear, where you can specify such items as default media type or print quality. Insert the spindle so that the large media stop is to the right and the small end cap to the left. The settings on the printer must match those of the computer and software sending the data. Choose your driver disk s , read the instructions on the label, and follow any printed instructions accompanying the disks. To load a roll Make sure the printer wheels are locked the brake levers pressed down to prevent the printer from moving.

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See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. If your computer and your application software support it, use the parallel interface, as it is faster. This article is intended for a broad audience and may not suit individual needs. Request Case Start Chat.

Other applications Compatinle you are going to use applications other than AutoCAD or Microsoft Windows applications, first check any Software Application Notes supplied with this printer, to see if the application is covered there.

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Press the up arrow next to the front panel display to indicate you are loading compatib,e sheet. Designnjet for an HP printer on a parallel port djet: Be sure the media remains flush against the media stop. If necessary, install the driver on your computer. When the printer instructs you to close the roll cover, rewind the media stop clockwise to take up any slack in the roll.


All application users need read and write permission for this directory, so you must be a superuser to perform this step.

However, different power cords international options are available. The printer moves the sheet in and out to check its size and alignment, and then advances it to the start of the page. Gradually straighten the angle and push it in until it clicks into place. It is essential to load the cartridges with the printer switched on; otherwise, you will get poor print quality, and the reliability of your cartridges will be impaired.

Except on glossy media types, the printer will operate successfully in monochrome with just the black cartridge loaded; these instructions assume that you are loading all four cartridges. To load roll media, start with step 1 below.

HP Designjet 750C Plus Printer – HP Jetdirect Card Compatibility

The leading edge of the media must wind clockwise. Create a directory for print spooling. Now when you open ArcMap the new custom size will be available to you.


In most cases, these settings will override any settings you make on the compatinle panel of the printer. Refer to your Sun documentation for details.

Do so until the message disappears. Some are supplied with this printer; others are supplied with your application software. Use their documentation to find the requirements.

Take hold of the edges of the media now extending from the exit slot and pull the media toward you until taut. ESRI Support currently has this printer in house.

The software results page for your printer displays with the default operating system selected. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, unscrew the cover plate at the back of the printer, and remove it. The software installation prompts you to connect the cable if needed.

HP Designjet and C Plus Printers – Setting up the Printer | HP® Customer Support

Press the appropriate arrow to get to the various size settings and press Enter. Enter the driver interface. Questions or issues with the site?

Serial RSC settings Parameter.