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Menschliches Erleben und Verhalten aus evolutionärer Perspektive. Eingeladener Vortrag im Museum für Stadtgeschichte Wittenberg, Sonderausstellung Zeugen der Erdgeschichte: Fossilien und Gesteine. What if it speaks like it was from the village? Effects of a robot speaking in regional language variations on users' evaluations. Presentation at the 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication Ro-ManAugust September 4, Lange, B.

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Home This toolkit provides school nurses along with information, examples of good practice, templates and useful websites to support after that develop professional practice. The European Toolkit for Schools offers concrete ideas designed for improving collaboration within, between and afar schools with a view to enabling all children and young people en route for succeed in school. School places. Designed for the attention of the study group members: Study group meeting. School heads, teachers, parents and other people catch up in different aspects of the discipline life can find helpful information, examples of measures and resource material en route for inspire The European Toolkit for Schools offers concrete ideas for improving alliance within, between and beyond schools along with a view to enabling all children and young people to succeed all the rage school. Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship. Rule 32 2 of the Rules of Procedure.

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Publikationen Lange, B. Too cute not en route for buy? Die Wirkung des Kindchenschemas auf die Beurteilung von Werbung. Journal of Business and Media Psychology. Lange, B.

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