Selenium IDE should be able to access the Phone text box correctly. This shows you that Selenium IDE can access a long label even if you just indicated the first word of its inner text. Notice that its HTML tag is “input” and its class is “inputtext. In such situations, we use Partial Link Text to locate elements. But each radio button in a related group will have the same name and different values — so a different locator must be used to click on a specific button in the group. It starts from the root element within the web page or part of the page and goes to identify the target element. Currently, there are two filter types:.

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Relies on the structure of the page. Powered by Sphinx 1. If no element has a matching link text attribute, a NoSuchElementException will be raised.

Locators in Selenium IDE: CSS Selector, DOM, XPath, Link Text, ID

This strategy is intended to select links only and selects the anchor element containing the specified text: Wbedriver Phone text box should still become highlighted.

Fortunately, Firebug can automatically generate XPath locators. Hope you have already installed Selenium WebDriver. The answer is through the use of their inner texts.


Locating by XPath 4. This behavior is similar to locating elements using CSS selectors with the same tag and class. And, we end up working with wrong elements or unable to find them. There are various strategies to locate elements in a page.

In such situations, we use Partial Link Text to locate elements.

If not, check out the link mentioned below:. Log on to Mercury Tours using “tutorial” as the username and password. There are four basic ways to locate an element through DOM: If there is a visible element with text that exactly matches the provided text, the Link Text locator will find it.

Check out the below list of locators approved by Selenium.

Element Locator

A web developer must use a proper and consistent locator scheme for a website. Use this when you know name attribute of an element. Locating Elements by Tag Name 4. When multiple elements have the same HTML tag and attribute, only the first one will be recognized.

The CSS class locator uses a specific class attribute to get to the first element on a web page. Use this demo page http: Let us access the “Economy class” radio button first.

Selenium uses what is called locators to find and match the elements of your page that it needs to interact with. You can also specify a filter to refine your locator. It is one method which guarantees to locate any element on the page using the XPath expression.


Click on the Find button. You should notice that the “Boston to San Francisco” label becomes highlighted.

Selenium Tutorial: Locators

Use this when you want to locate an element websriver tag name. Apart from the public methods given above, there are two private methods which might be useful with locators in page objects.

XPath extends beyond as well as supporting the simple methods of locating by id or name attributes, and opens up all sorts of new possibilities such as locating the third checkbox on the page.

A complete description of XPath is out of scope for locattors document and there is a plethora of great information available on the web regarding how to use it. Take note of their HTML tag, class, and attributes. You have to know the text of the link before.