LibXML2 is available for download from http: If you need legacy functions, you’ll need to reinstall the legacy. Upgrading existing spatial databases can be tricky as it requires replacement or introduction of new PostGIS object definitions. If you installed your database using extensions, you’ll need to upgrade using the extension model as well. Next drop all nation tables and load up the new ones. By default PostGIS will not install with sfcgal support without this switch. FWTools latest stable version for Windows is compiled with Raster support.

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Below are some using a where clause. Starting with PostGIS 2. First get binaries for PostGIS 2.


This will be the folder where the loader extracts the downloaded tiger data. If present the Geocode function gxal use it if a boundary filter is added to limit to just zips in that boundary. If enabled the table layer name will also be laundered.

Posthis section applies only to those who installed PostGIS not using extensions. Unexpected errors, if any, will be printed to the standard error stream by psql. GNU Make gmake or make.

If your upgrade fails, make sure you are restoring into a database that already has PostGIS installed. This may be “YES” to force an existing layer of the desired name to be destroyed before creating the requested layer. RollbackTransaction calls in the normal SQL sense. This generates html cheat sheets suitable for quick reference or for student handouts.


If you don’t have an extras folder, download http: The normalizing address functionality works more or less without any data except for tricky addresses. DBLatex is available from http: In many cases psotgis is only necessary if you want the most bleeding edge versions or you are a package maintainer.

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Loading Tiger Data 2. Connecting to a database To connect to a Postgres datasource, use a connection string specifying the database name, with gdap parameters as necessary PG: GDAL, a required library, provides functionality needed for raster support gdal-config to enable software installations to locate the GDAL installation directory.

Sometimes OGR does not output the right projection, particularly with Units postgks Feet or data that has no projection info or the projection information can’t be easily translated to your system. Connect to your database with psql or pgAdmin and run the following command: Put in a ticket if you find an issue.

PostgreSQL / PostGIS

They are written for Linux users and will not work on Windows or Mac. To check the version of PostgreSQL which is running, connect to the database using gdaal and run this query:. DocBook xsltproc is required for building the documentation.


No prj file will be generated. This is to ensure that fixes in the official set will be properly propagated to restored databases.

Doing a minor upgrade with extensions, is fairly painless. After you are done loading all data or at a stopping point, it’s a good idea to analyze all the tiger tables to update the stats include inherited stats.

In these cases you have to tell Gdak what the output projection is. Sometimes you have more than one geometry field in a table, and ESRI shape can only support one geometry field per shape. Connect to your database with psql or dgal and run the following command: Example, if you are on windows:. Again for Windows, Tamas’ binaries http: