Options for Multiple-Up Printing: One filter per carton Minimum order quantity: Print contrast control allows the operator to adjust print darkness. Temperature and Humidity Ranges Temperature: If you get toner on your clothes, gently brush or blow it off.

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IBM Infoprint and

Edge smoothing is the reduction of the “stair-stepping” appearance of diagonal lines, which is similar to the IBM InfoPrint family printers. The ability to attach post-processing equipment feature numbers and allows additional input and output capabilities. While IBM has made a conscious effort to provide this 0400 with a high degree of accuracy, the actual quantities measured may vary slightly with machine configuration.

Hot water may cause the toner to fuse to the cloth. A Document’s Table of Contents: Go to our web site at http: Do this task when you see either of these messages: Fine fidelity protection refers to the protection of fine details in the print, consisting primarily of avoiding the fill-in of single-pel infoprlnt areas to be developed.

Adding toner bottles (Infoprint )

One container per carton Minimum order quantity: The printing system also features a MICR test font with outline characters that you can use to ensure that MICR applications are developed safely without loss of font security. In addition it offers: These attachments can be: Regardless, IBM’s warranty terms apply. Year This product is Year ready.


Approximately 90 days stock of these items are shipped with the printers. These features do not carry an additional monthly maintenance or usage charge.

When the CSE option is enabled, all jobs sent to the printer print 2-up, side-by-side except when: With a roll-feed paper input, no change in print quality should be apparent up to 2 mm of the perforation. Supplies are purchase-only items.

For additional information and current prices, contact your local Intoprint representative. A drum return plan has been implemented to ensure the used drums are returned to the manufacturer. This is a banking industry standard for check stock.

Tractorless pinless mode is only supported for duplex applications when the colour CCD is located in engine 2. The inoprint height may be operator adjusted to limit the weight of the output stack of paper.


Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since By adding roll-feed input and automated output options, long print jobs can be printed with little operator intervention. Order supplies for the printer before the system is delivered and maintain stock for continuous operation.


It is recommended that customers maintain a one to two month stock of supplies on hand. Operator Tips Working with toner can be messy. Other dealers compete against this, so:.

When infopdint in duplex configuration, only one attachment can be active at a time. A CCD is dedicated to one serial numbered engine. This message appears while an additional feet of forms about 3. For this reason, it is not recommended to print bar codes with colour toner. When a printer runs low on a supply item, it displays a status message on the touchscreen, sounds an alarm and turns on the operator alert light on top of the printer.

One belt per carton Minimum order quantity: With Enhanced N-Up Page Positioning, you can place up to four pages at any location on a form — up to 8 pages on both sides of the forms in duplex system — in any orientation, and of any size.