Process industry markets up four percent in The top process industries grew at a faster rate than the top discrete industries in , and this trend continued in , according to the These productivity tools help you focus on developing your test applications instead of tracking down obscure problems or establishing communications with your instruments. If this is the situation, just use the cable from NI, with the NI driver Once you have determined the GPIB address of your instruments, you can easily establish communications to verify that you can send and receive data to and from the instrument. Message 8 of Message 9 of My Cart Books Online Training.

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Installing GPIB-USB Controllers

Configuration in Windows for USB. Thank you for ur reply To prevent damage to the GPIB-USB hardware or other components in your system when different ground potentials are involved, do any of the following:. Install Instrument Drivers Next. Ekithley I observed is: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Using GPIB of Keithley – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

This database, called FLUIDAT, is used by the company for configuration and calibration of its portfolio of flow meters and controllers, and for Will you be controlling your Keithley Instrument with their software? If not, you can get it here: Using ksithley computer, you can take advantage of this powerful development and debugging tool to interactively communicate read, write, serial poll, and so on with your GPIB instruments.


If your system involves different ground potentials, the voltage difference could surge through the GPIB hardware and cause damage. This is especially important for large systems featuring many instruments.

Keithley Introduces KUSBB USB-To-GPIB Adapter |

This indicates that you should check for loose or disconnected cables, power disruption, or a malfunctioning instrument. Message 5 of Then select your GPIB controller.

Your instrument should return an identification string and a return count. If there is a problem, you no longer see your device.

Help the Community and future reviewers by marking posts as follows: When VISAIC initially runs, it automatically finds all of the available keithpey in the system and lists the instrument descriptors for each resource under the appropriate resource type. It is important to choose an alias that you can immediately identify with the intended instrument.

ID querying is discussed in the next section. Instruments must be powered on and connected to the GPIB controller to be recognized.


Learn more about our privacy policy. These productivity tools help you focus on developing your test applications instead of tracking down obscure problems or establishing communications with your instruments. And also the device’s driver.

Click on Scan for Instruments. My Cart Books Online Training. Download the instrument driver and try communications with the instrument.

If so, test the driver, only use for example a revision query first, to see if you can open comm properly It is a higher level of comm layer, but I am not sure about the proper terminology to be honest Anyway, VISA is what you want.

Jsb I understood this is your case, yes?

Many times, systems are powered down and cables are disconnected from instruments for maintenance or system configuration keothley. Message 10 of Message 2 of Did you make the required settings under MAX what was told you here?:.