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Universal Print Driver For Administrator | KONICA MINOLTA

Are you in Europe? This printer will have already been ino prior to installing the UPD and will be the most appropriate. This procedure is best used when you need to search for the printer you wish to install. Do you support Windows 7 Device Stage? Are you in United States? Go to main contents. The Installer and Updater, previously separate, have been combined into a single tool. Uninstall screen Click for larger image. Please konicca that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. The models listed in these columns print using functionality that is essentially the same as that of standard printer drivers. A network search will give you automatic access to the definition file most appropriate for your model.


You konnica specify the model definition file you will need by using the InstCFG. The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications and network protocols as well as network and system configurations.

Citrix Citrix XenApp 6. Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories. Can all users utilize UPD with restrictions?

konnica When the output device is chosen using the Device Knica, it can be connected to an individual printer driver made specifically for that particular device that is referred to as a Child Driver. Key Features Specifications Applications Downloads. Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

By closing this message or starting to navigate on this website, you agree to the usage of cookies. For manual and Point and Print environments, the procedure is the same as before. The actual life oonica each consumable will vary depending on use and other printing variables including page coverage, page size, media type, continuous or intermittent printing, ambient temperature and humidity. Child Drivers When the output device is chosen using the Device Selector, it can be connected to an individual printer driver made specifically for that particular device that is referred to as a Child Driver.


About Us Innovation History. Since you can specify the model without communicating with the printer, this approach is best for when you wish to install the UPD prior to the installation of the printer. The screen seen when using a Network Search koniica add a model Click for larger image.

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No, it is not supported. Konica Minolta does not warrant that any specifications mentioned will be error-free. Version updating is done by launching the UPDSetup.

The UPD configuration has been significantly modifed to enable data that varies with each printer model to be managed by means of a definition file. Only certain key functions can be utilized. Can I use the MyTab function? Windows Server R2 Enterprise?

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With the new Uninstaller, uninstalling is much simpler. You can confirm this by looking at the icon in the far left column of the UPD device list. Common printer drivers including those for 3rd party devices.