Telescope Installs a driver for all computerized Celestron telescopes. Renamed the previous firewall rules to get them out of the way. It should also work with TheSky6 and TheSky5 but not all functionality will be present. Browser still can not connect to http: Not like we’re going to get to use them until March when La Nina buggers off. I chose Public and Private network types. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance tests report here.

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I suspect that should be an IP address but colons have no meaning in a IP address. As for the process running already, I had looked in the TaskManager’s Services tab but wscom was not listed. Telescope Installs a driver for all computerized Celestron telescopes.

Connecting TheSkyX to ASCOM Driver

This version has passed the Conformance Checker tests and has support for programmably changing pier side. Features are limited, and end-of-slew detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution.

It looks like you have another error or typo for the default gateway, you’ll want to check that. The button leads to David’s web site for this driver as well as other info on DSCs.


Connecting Laptop to Gemini 2

Any nifty new features? Without that feedback I have to assume that the drivers are compatible with Win See the help file and release notes! I noticed later, after sorting by name that two similar rules already existed.

I’d suggest you get that working first, then attempt to get TheSkyX involved. International Dark-Sky Association – http: His company is times smaller than skywatcher but his equipment is much better Driver name users, in the Chooser: Browser still can not connect.

Since then I have “upgraded” it to Win I would think it would be hard coded to listen on port at IP address Apps and Add Ons. Do not run as administrator – that causes all lozmandy of problems with processes not able to communicate with each other.

You might want to check to make sure you’re up to date on the Gemini firmware. Losmandy has always been slow in providing support updates.


Gemini 2 Mount Controller

NET Connects and works fine. I have no control on getting Gemini 2 to connect to the network. This gemni works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. TheSkyX Installers and Updates.

GeminiTelescope No such host is known. Provides position readout, slews, side of pier where appropriateand pulse guiding among its basic capabilities.

I used two separate connection configurations. My browser is unable to connect to http: Is there a better way?

Simple applications such as planetarium slewing are more likely to work than demanding automation applications. This didn’t seem necessarily wrong so I hit OK in this window too.

From the handpad on bootup of Gemini II, V1. I got the same result in each case.

Deleted my firewall rules. Using TSX to try to connect to a telescope gives the message: