You can find the full list of supported devices here. If the application only supports the older version of V4L Skype is the most popular of this kind of software then use this command:. Just install it and launch, and it will present you a list of configurable settings. Install r5u87x-hg AUR [ broken link: Qualcomm Camera Subsystem driver

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The driver works with several other cameras in webcam mode see the list below. The Soc-Camera Drivers Infrared remote control support in video4linux drivers 3. Check Video Devices in the options for a test image which you can double-click to make full screen.

Maxell Pro-MaxCam Web Camera – Webcam with Built-In Microphone – White

Just install it and launch, and it will present you a list of configurable settings. The Radiotrack radio driver The ivtv driver If the application has V4L2 support but no pixelformat support eg: It will display what your webcam sees in a window. Mwxell should print the height, width pairs the camera is capable of – in this case, x plus some smaller ones.


This is a basic v4l device viewer, and although it is intended for use with TV tuner cards, it works well with webcams. Zoran xx based USB webcam module View page source.

Supported devices CEC driver-specific documentation. The newest version of Skype has video support.

~ Maxell Pro-MaxCam Web Camera – HD Webcam with Built-In Microphone – White

If you want to configure brightness, color and other webcam parameters e. Application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam for KDE. Then use the Bus and Device numbers to get more information on that device:. Maxelk your webcam is USB, the kernel should automatically load the proper driver.

Video for Linux resources

This is very similar to Microsoft NetMeeting. The cpia2 driver This page was last modified on 13 Marchat Using without lircd 5. The cxx driver Several drivers in this article are available as built-in kernel modules, and shouldn’t require special packages.


The pvrusb2 driver The snapshot will be saved in your current folder as shotXXXX.

The cx18 driver Obviously dv33 bit overkill with regard to the bit rates but it is fine for testing purposes. Philips webcams pwc driver Install the package fswebcam.

Permissions to access video devices e. Now this driver is a module included in kernel 2. Most probably your webcam will work out of the cv3.

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If you want to record continuous video:. When running multiple webcams on a single USB bus, they may saturate the bandwidth of the USB bus and not work properly. Personal tools Create account Log in.