An original classic 6, you’ll need an audio interface to get sound in and out of logic. The ‘Install from Disk’ window will reactivate. I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this, I know that I just need to learn the basics and I will be on my way. The ES series are cheap secondhand When found, the screen will display, ”Windows driver file search for the device: The screen will also display, ”Location of driver:

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I have my Motif set up but for some reason I can’t get it to play through my logic pro 9. Don’t wanna sound rude, but what you’re asking goes beyond what one can do in this forum. The ‘WinZip Self-Extractor’ dialog box will appear.

I appreciate you and Michaelhuisman taking time out to respond and address my issue. That high pitched squeal is probably feedback, your mic on your computer coming back thru the speakers. A ‘check mark’ will appear in the box. The screen will display, ”Windows has finished installing the new hardware device. The ‘Select Other Location’ window will reactivate. This then gives you a single track usv the Arrange window, just like you have with a soft synth.


Sorry I can’t be of more help, but the suggestions michaelhuisman has made are a good idea.

Might I suggest finding at least an ES series Motic6 or later? Windows will display, ‘What do you want to do? Leonard Johnson1 Leonard Johnson1. This opens a separate window.

The screen will also display, ”Location of driver: Sorry James but I have no knowledge of the Motif and any USB capabilities it may have so motof6 really help you with that one, and if you don’t have an audio interface you won’t be able to integrate it very well into Logic. Ask a question Reset. Screen shots to follow Sign up for monthly plan and follow all the tutorials you want, then once you’ve got the hang of it, cancel your plan.

I have a Motif 6 and I’m trying to connec… – Apple Community

Sep 15, 2: The ‘Saving Progress’ dialog box will appear until the download is complete. Sep 15, 8: Should be able to help you as I have a number of external synths working with Logic. Lots of training there. The ‘Add New Hardware Wizard’ window will reactivate.

Windows will reboot the computer and complete the USB driver installation. There is no audio interface, my Motif is connected to my computer using the USB port. Contact Us Do you need an additional help? The best way I’ve found of doing this is to create a software instrument track and use the External Instrument plug-in, whereby you then choose the MIDI ports and audio inputs you have your synth connected to.


Downloading and Installing the Latest USB Driver for MOTIF

User profile for user: Go read up on what MIDI is and it’s capabilities. The ‘Update Device Drivers Wizard’ will launch. It is possible that we have another article that will address your issue better.

The original classic Motifs have a Logic mode but far from useful So if all I want to use is the USB, can you walk me through the set up in Logic and on my Motif if it’s not too much trouble? Let me know some more details I’ll try and get back to you later.